Thursday, June 21, 2012

Top 10 Creative Painting Techniques Dos & Don’ts

  Here at Creative Painting Techniques our goal is to remove the hype and frustration associated with faux finishing and painting techniques and make it accessible, affordable and attainable. This is my top ten secrets to successful creative painting.
1. Prep work- if the surface your painting a faux finish on is not prepared properly, you can run into a range of problems from paint beading ( more on this later ) to not adhering to your surface. Some creative painting techniques you produce will require a flat or mat finish to grab the paint and others need a glossy surface to allow you working time to move the paint around  this is very important. So surface preparation is like the foundation of your house, it needs to be strong to support what’s on top. I will show you how to avoid this problem.
2. Be organizedKeep your tools clean and your work space organized. When creating faux finishes it is much more enjoyable if you take some time to create a pleasant workspace and reaching for a tool that has dried paint on it from last time sucks!
3. Be patientThe success of your finish can greatly depend on if you have let the previous coat of paint dry enough. This one is tough because your usually excited to move on.
4. Be confident -  You can do this. Stick with it! i know you have been frustrated in the past and given up but I will guide you through and you will be proud of your art and your new creative painting techniques.
5. Know your palette I will show you the “Scenic painters” color chart. This is the color palette that has been used by the experts for years and for good reason. also the use of opposite colors in your finish. This is one of my favorites and one that eluded me for along time.
6. Know your materials The art stores sell small bottles of faux finish liquids that are very expensive. Although sometimes they are the right product, a lot of times they aren’t. I’ll show you everyday products that do the same thing and save you a lot of money.
7. Know your tools - There are some tools for creative painting that you can’t do without and others that are a total waste of time and money. I will show you which ones you need and the tools to avoid.
8. In between the layers - Before you apply the next step it is imperative to sand your surface. Most people skip this one but it makes a huge difference. Not just normal sandpaper either! I will show you my method of success and the proper products.
9. Wax and polishing Some of the shiniest finishes I have created, have been with the cheapest flat paint. Sounds funny but wait till you see it. Knowing when to use wax or an acrylic clear. Sometimes you want a bad reaction between products and other times you don’t. I will show you the difference.
10. Toners - Like the icing on the cake. The final step and the most important. I will show you what they are and when to use them. This is the step they always forget about (or don’t know) on those TV shows.
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