Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hand Painting: 21 Unbelievably Vivid and Creative Animal Paintings

Hand Painting animal figures is an amazing example of artwork created two of the most ancient means of creating art, human body and paint. Although, after looking at the image below, you will have to admit  that we have come a long way from painting cave walls with primitive drawings of prehistoric beasts and painting our bodies with symbols to drive away the evil spirits.  On the other hand, you kind of get a feeling that the artist found his inspiration exactly in those forms of art.

Impossible vividness of colors and shapes can be achieved through the technique of creating these hand paints of animals or should I say sculptures. These 21 images illustrate this claim in the best and most fascinating way possible. Enjoy the photo gallery that lays ahead, these are some really cool and creative works. All animals, eagle, dog , fish, elephant and other African beasts  look so lively as if  they are going jump or fly out of these images at you.

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